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Kitchen Remodeling In Northern Virginia

When it comes to the best in kitchen renovation, Michael & Son stands out as your premier choice. Our expert solutions not only enhance your living space, but also contribute to a substantial increase in the value of your home.Your journey with Michael and Son Remodeling begins with a free in-home consultation, where we dive into your aspirations, preferences, and budget. Collaborate with our skilled designers in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC  to create an innovative plan that maximizes both aesthetics and functionality. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

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White Kitchen

Our Kitchen Remodeling Process

 Discuss your ideas, preferences, and budget to kickstart an innovative and valuable remodeling process.

  • Collaborate with our skilled designers to create an innovative plan that maximizes both aesthetics and functionality. 

  • Our construction phase ensures quality and precision, increasing the lasting value of your home.

  • As we complete the project, we conduct a thorough walkthrough to ensure every detail exceeds your expectations. 

Kitchen Renovation Near Northern Virginia

  • Our team of skilled craftsmen in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC ensures the highest quality in every aspect of your kitchen remodel. 

  • Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge and innovative kitchen designs. We integrate the latest trends with timeless functionality, creating a space that reflects your modern lifestyle.

  • Michael & Son Remodeling  prioritizes the use of premium materials to ensure a lasting impact on your home's value. 

Remodeled Kitchenette

Kitchen Remodeling Services


Enhance Your Kitchen with Custom Cabinetry from Michael & Son Remodeling

Transform your kitchen into a stunning culinary haven with custom cabinetry solutions from Michael & Son Remodeling. Our expert team specializes in crafting bespoke cabinetry that not only maximizes storage space but also adds elegance and functionality to your kitchen.



As the heart of your home, the kitchen deserves the best in functionality, efficiency, and style. With our extensive selection of premium appliances, you can elevate your cooking experience and create meals with ease.



Elevate Your Kitchen into a luxurious culinary space with high-quality countertops from Michael & Son Remodeling. As the focal point of any kitchen, countertops play a crucial role in both aesthetics and functionality. With our extensive selection of premium materials, such as granite, marble, and solid surface, our experts are committed to creating the kitchen of your dreams.



Elevate the look and feel of your home with high-quality flooring options from Michael & Son Remodeling. As a crucial element of any interior design, flooring sets the foundation for style, comfort, and durability. With our extensive selection of premium flooring materials and expert installation services, you can create a space that reflects your personal taste and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.


Custom Kitchens Near Northern VA

We recognize that every homeowner has a vision for their kitchen. Our team provides you with a variety of services including:

  • Custom-built cabinets are tailored to fit the dimensions of your kitchen perfectly.

  • High-end appliances that are built to last and offer advanced features and technology. 

  • Specialty countertops made from premium materials such as granite, marble, quartz, or concrete. 

Wood Kitchen
Open kitchen

Your Kitchen Renovation Journey 

As the top contractors in Northern VA, we bring expertise, creativity, and quality craftsmanship to every project. From designs such as:

  • Open-concept Kitchen

  • Custom kitchens

  • Kitchen facelifts

  • Kitchen additions

  • Large kitchens

Let's get started on creating the Kitchen you've always wanted!

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