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Bathroom Remodeling Services

​Experience a spectrum of bathroom remodeling services tailored to meet your needs at Michael & Son Remodeling. Elevate your daily sanctuary with our transformative bathroom remodeling solutions. Our expertise extends to various areas, including Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.
From budget-friendly small bathroom makeovers to lavish full bathroom renovations, Michael & Son Remodeling is your trusted partner in creating the perfect bathroom space. Our specialization spans across different areas, ensuring that no matter the size or style, your bathroom remodeling needs are met with precision and expertise.

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Master Bathroom Remodeling

Discover a wide range of master bathroom remodeling options to suit your taste and lifestyle, including:

  •  Whirlpool tubs, rain showers, and heated floors.

  • Maximum storage and organization with custom cabinetry designed to fit your master bathroom perfectly. 

  • High-end fixtures such as designer faucets, sleek vanities, and stylish lighting. 

  • Floating vanities, frameless glass showers, and geometric tile patterns for a chic and stylish look.

Powder room
Remodeled Bathroom in VA

​Powder Room

​Remodeling your Powder room or half bath leaves lasting memories for guests and like all remodeling projects it increases your home’s retail value. 

  • Maximize the storage of your powder room with pedestal sinks and luxury vanities. 

  • Make a bold statement in your powder room with eye-catching features such as vessel sinks and powder room vanity mirrors. ​

  • Create a half bath that is both functional and stylish with our trending powder room ideas. 

  • Save money by adding wallpaper to your Powder room. 

Standard Bathroom Remodeling

Discover a variety of standard bathroom remodeling options to suit your needs and preferences, including:

  • Modern faucets, stylish vanities, and durable toilets. 

  • Ceramic tile flooring, granite countertops, and designer lighting fixtures.

  • Energy-efficient upgrades such as low-flow toilets, water-saving faucets, and LED lighting.

  •  Tub-to-shower conversions when you are looking to increase accessibility, save space, or update your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling in Virginia

Modern Bathroom Remodeling

Discover a plethora of modern bathroom remodeling options to suit your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle, including:

  • Minimalist bathroom faucets, geometric sinks, and frameless glass shower doors. 

  • Clean lines and simple shapes.

  • Digital shower systems, and motion-sensor faucets. 

  • Luxurious materials such as marble, quartz, and glass.

  • Neutral color palettes with muted tones Open concept bathroom remodeling removes barriers and partitions to create a seamless flow between the bathroom and adjoining spaces.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling

Discover a wide range of custom bathroom remodeling options to suit your vision, including:

  • Luxurious marble and granite to stylish porcelain and quartz.

  • Heated floors and smart lighting to spa-like showers and soaking tubs.

  • Low-flow faucets, water-saving toilets, and energy-efficient lighting.

  •  Walk-in showers, adjustable-height vanities, slip-resistant flooring, and strategically placed grab bars to ensure comfort, safety, and accessibility for every member of the family.

Standard Bathroom

Don't Wait! Let us bring your bathroom renovation ideas to life!

Bathroom Remodeling Materials

Transform your bathroom into a masterpiece of style and sophistication with Michael & Son renovation's exquisite selection of bathroom tiles. Serving Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC, our expert team specializes in providing high-quality tile options that elevate your space and reflect your unique taste. Whether it’s Porcelain, Ceramic, or Glass tiles, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

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