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In essence, at Michael & Son Remodeling, we recognize the fundamental significance of your home, and we're here to elevate it to new heights. Whether you're looking to update a single room or embark on a comprehensive transformation, we're ready to turn your aspirations into reality and create a remarkable space that you'll love for years to come.

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Choose Michael & Son As Your Home Remodeling Contractors in VA,MD And DC

Home remodeling embarks on a journey from modest origins. We elevate yours to extraordinary heights!

It commences with concepts and doodles on napkins, long before the first work boots step into your residence. We draft a comprehensive plan for your upcoming remodeling project and arrange the necessary finances. Our exclusive design studio allows you to interact with top-tier cabinetry and tiles, providing a tactile experience for your vision.

Modern Kitchen

How much does a local kitchen remodeling contractor cost in Alexandria, VA?

Factors that impact kitchen remodel costs:

  • Brands and materials: The type and brand of your chosen countertop materials, tiles, and cabinetry DIRECTLY affect your final cost. Visit our studio to explore options and get pricing.

  • New appliances: How many appliances you are willing to replace will significantly influence the cost as well.


  • Power conversions: Although this can add to the cost, however, its benefits often outweigh the expense. Thinking of switching from electric to gas, or vice-versa, depending on your kitchen needs.

  • Kitchen square footage: If want to expand your kitchen or relocate plumbing fixtures this will factor into your estimate. Bigger kitchens and more complex modifications will result in higher remodeling costs

Do you want to save your home from gradual deterioration?

Kitchen remodeling can be challenging to price without knowing more about the homeowner's plans and material preferences. That is why Michael & Son offers free estimates on all kitchen remodeling in the VA, MD, and DC. Even if we need to visit your premises more than once, your estimate is always free.

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