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Welcome to our Guide Hub! 

Whether you're planning to revamp your kitchen, renovate your bathroom, or transform your basement into a cozy living space, we've got you covered. With articles covering every stage of the remodeling process, from initial planning and budgeting to choosing materials and finishing touches, our guides are designed to involve you in the process and take away any confusion or stress, making your remodeling journey smooth and successful.

Dive in and let M&S Remodeling experts take you one step closer to creating the home of your dreams!

Remodeled Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

A kitchen is the heart of the home. It is used by all house members, daily. Whether it is the designated chef of the house cooking a meal, or if it's a quick midnight fridge standoff...

Bathroom Remodeling Guide

The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home. So it’s no wonder that renovating it would be an exciting decision…

Remodeled Bathroom
Remodeled Basement


Basement Remodeling Guide

Basements are usually overlooked spaces in the house. When in fact, they could be a source of extra income. If you decide to renovate your basement…

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Basement Bathroom Remodeling Guide

Adding a bathroom to your basement might be exactly what you need. It increases convenience, boosts home value, and improves functionality…

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Remodeled Basement Bathroom


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Deck Remodeling Guide

A backyard deck has its own enchanting allure, beckoning you to unwind in its embrace. Whether it's the hub of vibrant dinner gatherings on warm summer nights....

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