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Kitchen Remodeling Alexandria VA

Expert Kitchen Remodeling Alexandria VA

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Our licensed kitchen remodeling contractors in Alexandria VA handle projects of all shapes and sizes. We can replace any kitchen fixture you need, including countertops, cabinets, sinks, and more. We employ tiling and cabinetry specialists, as well as demolition experts, to assist with expansions or additions of all kinds.
Kitchen remodels can be challenging to price without understanding a homeowner's plans and material choices. That's why at Michael and Son Remodeling, we offer free estimates to our customers and special financing plans in Alexandria, Virginia on all kitchen remodels in Alexandria, VA.

Contact us today to start your kitchen remodeling journey with Michael & Son Remodeling the top kitchen remodeling contractor Alexandria VA.
Trust us for quality kitchen remodeling services provided by one of the best kitchen remodeling companies in Alexandria, VA.

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Our Kitchen Remodeling Services Alexandria VA

01 Contact Us

If you are looking for the best kitchen remodeling contractor Alexandria VA then you can contact us to get the top kitchen renovation service in VA. We are available 24/7 to help you.

02 In Home Free Estimate

This is your opportunity to sit down with our expert remodeling designers and discuss your vision for your renovation project in detail. Additionally, you can visit our showroom to explore our selection of cabinetry, tiles, vanities, and more. 

We will visit you when you want to get your kitchen remodeled in Alexandria Virginia based on the time you choose.

03 Planning and Construction

Once you have a crystal-clear vision for your project and a solid understanding of the costs, we'll move forward by signing the contract. We'll set the remodel dates, prepare all the necessary materials, and get started on the heavy lifting to bring your vision to life.

From remodeling kitchen pantry cabinets, colors, doors, even kitchen cabinet door replacements, to tiles, painting, or full kitchen remodeling service in Alexandria Va we offer it all at Michael and Son Remodeling.

04 Completion of Project

After completing your remodeling project, our team will meticulously review every detail to ensure it meets your highest standards. We'll provide you with a thorough walk-through to confirm the exceptional quality of our work. Plus, with our 1-year remodeling warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing we genuinely care about your home.

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Increase Your Home Value

  • Kitchen remodeling significantly boosts your home's resale value. Top kitchen remodeling contractors near you like Michael and Son Remodeling can transform your kitchen into a modern, functional space, making it a top selling point for potential buyers.


Enhanced Functionality

  • By working with experienced kitchen remodeling companies in Alexandria VA like Michael and son Remodeling, you can redesign your kitchen to better suit your cooking and storage needs. Upgraded kitchen cabinets and improved layout can make meal prep and entertaining more enjoyable.


Increase the Energy Efficiency

  • Get in contact with Michael and Son which is one of the best Kitchen remodeling contractors in Alexandria VA, as we can help you incorporate energy-efficient appliances and lighting, reducing your utility bills and making your home more eco-friendly.


Modern Aesthetic

  • Hiring a kitchen remodeling company near you ensures your kitchen gets a stylish update with the latest trends. From sleek cabinets to contemporary countertops, luxury kitchen remodeling or even small kitchen remodeling in Alexandria VA.

  • We can give your home a fresh, modern look .

Why Kitchen Remodeling Alexandria VA is a Great Investment

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Best Kitchen Remodeling Services Alexandria VA We Offer:

Types of Kitchen Remodels in Alexandria Va That We Do:

  • Full Kitchen Renovations: Comprehensive remodeling from start to finish.

  • Partial Remodels: Upgrade specific areas of your kitchen for a fresh new look.

  • Kitchen and Bath Remodeling: Combined services for a cohesive design throughout your home.

  • Leakage Repairs: Specialized services for historic homes in Alexandria.


20 Common Parts of Kitchen Remodeling Alexandria VA

  • Cabinet Installation: Installing new or refacing existing kitchen cabinets.

  • Countertop Replacement: Upgrading countertops with materials like granite, quartz, or marble.

  • Backsplash Installation: Adding or replacing the kitchen backsplash for a fresh look.

  • Flooring Replacement: Installing new flooring options like tile, hardwood, or vinyl.

  • Lighting Upgrades: Adding or updating pendant lights, under-cabinet lighting, and recessed lighting.

  • Plumbing Updates: Replacing or installing new sinks, faucets, and pipes.

  • Appliance Installation: Installing new appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves.

  • Electrical Work: Updating wiring, adding outlets, and ensuring code compliance.

  • Kitchen Island Installation: Adding or remodeling a kitchen island for extra workspace and storage.

  • Custom Cabinetry: Creating custom-built cabinets tailored to specific needs and design preferences.

  • Range Hood Installation: Installing or upgrading range hoods for better ventilation.

  • Window Replacement: Installing new windows or adding more for better natural light.

  • Wall Removal: Removing walls to create an open floor plan.

  • Painting and Finishing: Painting walls, cabinets, and other surfaces for a fresh look.

  • Sink Installation: Adding farmhouse sinks, under-mount sinks, or other styles.

  • Trash and Recycling Centers: Integrating pull-out trash and recycling bins into cabinetry.

  • Storage Solutions: Adding pull-out shelves, lazy Susans, and custom organizers.

  • Ceiling Treatments: Installing coffered ceilings, beams, or other decorative elements.

  • Smart Home Integration: Incorporating smart home technology for lighting, appliances, and security systems.

Kitchen Remodeling Gallery

6 Types of Kitchen Remodeling Alexandria VA

  • Modern Kitchen Remodel Alexandria VA

Ready to get your dream modern kitchen remodeled?

Our Alexandria VA kitchen remodeling services can make it happen. We're the top contractor, specializing in everything from custom cabinets and stunning countertops to designer backsplashes and long-lasting floors. Modern lighting, expert plumbing, and electrical work are all included.


Ready to revamp your kitchen? Embrace modern style with:

  • Sleek cabinets & hidden appliances for a clutter-free look.

  • Quartz countertops & designer backsplashes for a touch of luxury.

  • Smart features like touchless faucets & app-controlled ovens for ultimate convenience.


We offer seamless project management, use only top-quality materials, and back it all with a 1-year warranty. 

Contact us today to get a free estimate.

Kitchen L
Image by Camylla Battani
  • Farmhouse Kitchen Remodeling Alexandria VA

Craving a warm and inviting kitchen? Embrace the farmhouse charm with our Alexandria remodeling services!

We specialize in crafting kitchen remodels Alexandria VA that are:

  • Cozy & Inviting: Shiplap walls, exposed beams, and farmhouse sinks create a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Timeless Beauty: White cabinets with vintage hardware and butcher block counters offer enduring style.

  • Functional & Beautiful: Open shelving, pot racks, and high-quality countertops combine practicality with charm.

Kitchen Counter
  • Small Kitchen Remodeling Alexandria VA

Transform your small kitchen in Alexandria, VA, with our expert remodeling services. We specialize in maximizing space and functionality, offering custom cabinets, efficient storage solutions, and modern design elements. Enjoy a seamless remodel experience with high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship tailored to your needs.


With Michael and Son remodeling your new small kitchen will be enough just as the large ones with spaces for everything as we work according to your budget and needs.

  • Vintage Kitchen Remodeling Alexandria VA

Dig the groovy vibes? Our vintage kitchen remodeling in Alexandria VA capture the essence of the 70s and 80s! We'll incorporate classic elements like bold colors, statement tile, and unique hardware to create a nostalgic space you'll love.


Classic Remodeled Kitchen
  • Mediterranean Kitchen Remodeling Alexandria VA

Transform your kitchen in Alexandria, VA, with our Mediterranean kitchen remodeling services. Key features include:

  • Custom Wooden Cabinets: Crafted to provide ample storage and a rustic charm.

  • Vibrant Ceramic Tiles: We will add a splash of color and intricate patterns to your backsplash and floors.

  • Wrought Iron Fixtures: We enhance your kitchen with elegant and durable hardware.

  • Earthy Color Palettes: We create a warm, inviting atmosphere with shades of terracotta, olive, and sand.

Enjoy a seamless kitchen remodel service with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship tailored to create a charming, functional kitchen oasis.

  • Minimalist Kitchen Remodeling in Alexandria VA

Did you know clever design can make even the tiniest bathrooms feel spacious? Our team maximizes every inch with custom cabinetry for awkward spaces and strategically placed skylights for natural light. Compact fixtures like corner sinks and wall-mounted toilets save space and add a sleek touch. Trust us to make your bathroom a beautiful, efficient, functional room.

There are other types of bathroom remodeling such as commercial bathroom remodeling, three quarter bathroom remodeling, jack and jill bathroom remodeling, and more.

Schedule your call today with Michael and Son Bathroom Remodeling Alexandria VA .

  • More Types of Kitchen Remodeling in Alexandria VA

Michael and Son your best kitchen remodeling contractor Alexandria Va provides even more types of kitchen remodeling:

  • Galley Kitchen

  • Rustic Kitchen

  • Coastal Kitchen

  • Industrial Kitchen

  • Contemporary Kitchen

  • Scandinavian Kitchen

  • Craftsman Kitchen

  • Transitional Kitchen

  • Shaker Kitchen

  • L-shaped Kitchen

  • U-shaped Kitchen

  • Open-Concept Kitchen

Choose Michael and Son Remodeling for a functional and safe accessible bathroom remodeling Alexandria VA tailored to the needs of disabled parties.

Kitchen Remodeling FAQs - Most Asked Questions 

How Tall is a Standard Kitchen Cabinet?

Standard kitchen base cabinets are typically 34.5 inches tall without the countertop, which usually adds an additional 1.5 inches, making the total height around 36 inches. Wall cabinets generally range from 12 to 42 inches in height, depending on your kitchen design and ceiling height. For kitchen remodeling in Alexandria, we at Michael and Son Remodeling ensure that all measurements are customized to fit your specific needs.

What are Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes?

Standard base cabinets are usually 24 inches deep and 34.5 inches tall, while wall cabinets come in various heights (12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36, and 42 inches) and depths (12, 15, 18, and 24 inches). Widths for both base and wall cabinets range from 9 inches to 48 inches, typically in increments of 3 inches. When undergoing kitchen remodeling in Alexandria VA, we can help you choose the perfect sizes to maximize your space.

How Much to Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors Alexandria VA?

The cost to replace kitchen cabinet doors can vary widely, depending on the material, style, and labor costs. On average, you can expect to pay between $150 and $500 per door, including installation. For kitchen remodeling in Alexandria, we provide detailed estimates to help you budget effectively.

How Much Weight Can a Kitchen Cabinet Hold?

A standard kitchen cabinet can typically hold between 50 to 70 pounds per linear foot. This capacity can vary based on the cabinet's construction and installation quality. During kitchen remodeling in Alexandria, VA, we ensure your cabinets are properly installed to safely support your storage needs.

How to Replace Kitchen Cabinet Hinges?

To replace kitchen cabinet hinges, follow these steps:

  • Remove the old hinge screws and hinges.

  • Align the new hinges with the pre-drilled holes on the cabinet door.

  • Attach the hinges to the door using screws.

  • Mount the door back onto the cabinet frame and adjust for proper alignment.

Our team at Michael and Son kitchen remodeling in Alexandria, VA, can assist with hinge replacement as part of our comprehensive kitchen remodeling services.

What is a Pantry Cabinet?

A pantry cabinet is a tall storage unit designed to store dry goods, canned foods, and other kitchen essentials. It typically includes multiple shelves or pull-out drawers for organized storage. In kitchen remodeling projects in Alexandria, we often incorporate pantry cabinets to enhance kitchen functionality.

How Deep is a Pantry Cabinet?

Standard pantry cabinets are typically 12 to 24 inches deep, with 24 inches being the most common depth for maximum storage. For kitchen remodeling in Alexandria, VA, we customize pantry cabinet depths to suit your space and storage needs.

How Wide is a Pantry Cabinet?

Pantry cabinets usually range from 18 to 36 inches in width. The width can be adjusted based on available space and storage requirements. In our kitchen remodeling projects in Alexandria, we tailor pantry cabinets to fit seamlessly into your kitchen layout.

Where to Put Knobs on Pantry Cabinet?

Knobs are typically placed 2.5 to 3 inches from the bottom corner of the door for upper cabinets and 2.5 to 3 inches from the top corner for lower cabinets. For pantry cabinets, the placement is generally at the same height as the base cabinet knobs to maintain a cohesive look. In kitchen remodeling projects in Alexandria, we ensure hardware placement enhances both functionality and aesthetics.


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"Quality, Professionalism, & Value"

Kyler Sherry | Michael and Son Remodeling Alexandria, VA

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