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Choose Michael & Son Remodeling for Your Bathroom Remodel

The licensed contractors at Michael & Son specialize in bathroom remodels of all shapes and sizes. We can replace any plumbing fixture you need, including bathtubs, showers, sinks, toilets, and more. We've employed tiling and cabinetry specialists as well as demolition experts to assist with expansions or additions of all kinds. And unlike many other remodeling contractors, Michael & Son has fully-staffed plumbing and electrical divisions standing by to give you a seamless remodeling experience from start to finish. Free estimates are provided for all of our customers and special financing plans are available. Give us a call today and see why Michael & Son is the remodeling contractor of choice for Alexandria homeowners.


How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Alexandria, VA?

The cost of bathroom remodeling in Alexandria can vary due to a variety of factors. For your custom quote, give us a call at 703-914-3500.

Factors that impact bathroom remodeling costs:

  • Relocating plumbing fixtures and pipes. Some remodels may involve moving or even installing brand new plumbing fixtures. Estimates tend to go up if shower lines or plumbing lines need to be rerouted, relocated, or installed.

  • The amount of tile work required. Installing or replacing tile can add quite a bit of complexity to any home remodel, bathrooms included. If you'd like to add or replace the tile in one or more of your bathrooms, Michael & Son can help you do that. Our private design studio has a wide selection of tile to choose from, making it easy to compare and choose the perfect material and color.

  • Expansions and demolition. Some bathroom remodels may require demoing walls to increase the size or change the layout of a bathroom. There may also be situations where doors need to be removed or relocated. This can add to the overall cost. But it's nothing the remodeling specialists at Michael & Son can't accomplish for you.

Considering a bathroom remodel? Start with a free estimate from Michael & Son! 

Bathroom remodels can be challenging to price without learning more about a homeowner's plans and material choices. That's why Michael & Son offers free estimates on all bathroom remodels in the Alexandria area. Even if we have to come out more than once, your estimate is always free.

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Michael & Son's 4-step Bathroom Remodeling Process

1. Schedule your free quote.


Michael & Son offers free estimates on all bathroom remodels. The estimate can be further refined once we learn more about the materials and plumbing fixtures you'd like installed. You're welcome to visit our private design studio to get a better idea of the options available to you. Alternatively, a project manager can bring over select tile and cabinetry materials for you to review.

2. Discuss design & fixture options during your free consultation

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Your project manager will help you design a layout and select plumbing fixtures that best meet the needs of your budget and your vision. At Michael & Son, we have a wide selection of high-quality fixtures, accessories, cabinetry, and tile in a huge range of shapes, sizes & colors. Our team will help you narrow down your options and find materials that match your design preferences.

3. Plan, prepare, and execute


Our remodeling specialists prepare a detailed blueprint of the remodel and purchase all materials and plumbing fixtures so that everything is ready to go. Once we've dotted our i's and crossed our t's, we'll work with you to schedule the dates for the remodel. And here's the best part: all the preparation means we get the job done faster. Most bathroom remodels take just 3-4 days in your home. That's a fraction of the time it takes the average contractor to do the same work.

4. We make sure you had a great experience


Before our remodeling team leaves, they'll check to make sure you're happy with the look and layout of your new bathroom. If you have any questions or concerns after the project is completed, please give us a call and we'll get you the help you need. All of our bathroom remodels come with a 1-year warranty on labor!


Bathroom Remodel in Arlington, VA


Remodeling is In Our Roots

My name is Basim Mansour, Proud Son & Owner of Michael & Son Services. Growing up, my father worked as an electrician. In 1976, he opened a small electrical shop out of a detached garage next to our family home that I personally built at the age of 13 - and that garage is still standing this day. I enjoyed the creativity of construction and the attention to detail that goes into providing a quality fit & finish.


Building a Foundation for Generations

Sadly, my father passed away when I was only 19 years old. I finished our remaining projects, and then went on to focus on becoming the best at one thing - electrical service. It was from this electrical service that I grew the business into Michael & Son into what it is today - a full suite of plumbing, electrical, hvac, and remodeling services to cater to our growing customer base. In other words, Michael & Son as a whole stems from my passion for construction & remodeling - and the plumbing, electrical, hvac trades have enabled us to build a foundation for the very best Remodeling services in the area.

Today, Michael & Son Remodeling has the capability to complete large jobs like complete renovations and additions to smaller handyman jobs like painting or minor repairs. Trust that when you choose Michael & Son Remodeling, whether you plan to live in your home for life or just for the moment, it will last for generations to come.


What customers are saying about Michael & Son

"Illich was on time, very professional, and took all of the necessary precautions while in my home. He took the time to explain what needed to be done and why. I have never used Michael and Son before. Based on his knowledge, I will be reaching out to Michael and Son to schedule a list of upgrades and repairs to my home. I am now a dedicated customer!"

"I am now a dedicated customer!"

– Shaun W. | Alexandria Homeowner

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