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Home Remodeling in Arlington & Falls Church, VA

Home remodeling in Arlington and Falls Church, VA, has witnessed a significant increase in recent years, driven by residents' desire to improve the comfort, value, and aesthetic appeal of their homes. These locations, which are close to the nation's capital, provide a variety of housing styles, ranging from classic Victorian-era homes to modern residences.

Arlington's thriving home restoration sector reflects the city's dynamic housing market and inhabitants' preference for incorporating modern amenities while keeping the unique beauty of their homes. Kitchen and bathroom renovations, basement conversions, and home expansions are popular remodeling projects in Arlington, all with the goal of improving usefulness, increasing energy efficiency, and honoring the unique character of the properties.

Falls Church, recognized for its community-oriented suburban atmosphere and availability of green space, observes similar tendencies. Falls Church homeowners frequently prioritize developing eco-friendly and energy-efficient living areas. Aside from the standard kitchen and bathroom remodels, there is a growing interest in outdoor living space modifications such as deck installations and landscaping improvements to fully utilize the city's natural beauty.

Arlington and Falls Church have strict building standards and zoning laws in place to preserve the aesthetic and character of the city. These remodeling professionals are well-versed in handling these rules in order to provide seamless changes.

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Types of Home Remodeling Services in Arlington & Falls Church, VA

Kitchen remodeling services in Arlington & Falls Church can range from total overhauls to small modifications to worktops, cabinetry, appliances, lighting, and flooring. Kitchen renovations frequently attempt to create open, useful, and elegant spaces for families to meet.

Bathroom renovations in Arlington & Falls Church can range from basic fixture changes to full-scale makeovers. Tile replacement, shower and tub installation, vanity renovations, and plumbing modifications are all popular services.

Home Additions: Many businesses provide services to increase living space, either horizontally or vertically. This could include the addition of a new room, the extension of an existing one, or the construction of a second level.

Basement finishing is a popular service in Arlington and Falls Church for converting a basement into a practical living space such as a home cinema, playroom, or guest suite.


Famous Landmarks in Arlington & Falls Church, VA

Arlington and Falls Church, Virginia, include a number of well-known landmarks that reflect their rich history and cultural significance. The Arlington National Cemetery, which houses the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the gravesites of many American soldiers and women, is a must-see in Arlington. Another renowned sight is the neighboring Pentagon, one of the world's largest office buildings and the headquarters of the Department of Defense. The Marine Corps War Memorial, which depicts the legendary Iwo Jima flag hoisting, is also located in Arlington.

The ancient Falls Church Episcopal Church, which dates back to the late 18th century and had a part in the Revolutionary War, is one of the most well-known landmarks in Falls Church. Another important location is the Cherry Hill Farmhouse, a preserved mid-nineteenth-century farmhouse that provides a glimpse into Falls Church's rural history. These historical and cultural landmarks bear witness to the region's rich history and heritage.

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How far is Michael & Son Remodeling HQ from Arlington & Falls Church?

Michael & Son Remodeling is headquartered in Alexandria, VA. Given the close proximity of Alexandria, Arlington, and Falls Church, the distance is relatively small. From Arlington, it's approximately a 20-minute drive to the Michael & Son Remodeling headquarters, depending on traffic.


From Falls Church, the drive is slightly longer, around 30 minutes under typical conditions. These times may vary due to factors such as roadworks or peak traffic hours. Therefore, it's always a good idea to check a reliable map service for current conditions and routes before you travel.

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