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    We Offer:

  • Private Design Studio

  • Free In-Home Estimates

  • 2 Year Labor Warranty

At Michael & Son, we take pride in being a leading provider of complete home addition services that are suited to our clients' various demands.

We recognize that each homeowner's vision is unique, thus we provide house extensions of all sizes. We can handle everything from small-scale additions like a new bathroom, sunroom and garage addition to large-scale projects like adding a complete second story.

Our seasoned craftsmen use years of industry knowledge to offer quality construction, guaranteeing your new addition blends seamlessly with your existing structure and expands your living space to match your changing lifestyle needs.

With accuracy, skill, and customized care, Michael & Son will bring your ideal home addition to reality.


Choose Michael & Son for Your Upcoming Home Addition

Do you have big plans for your dream home? If so, the licensed home service professionals at Michael & Son can help. We start with the simple stuff, like offering free in-home estimates and assisting with measurements and design. In fact, one of the things people love about Michael & Son is that we have a private design studio with a huge range of material options to choose from. We work with homeowners with a wide range of budgets, and can even assist with financing upon request. From beginning to end, you'll work with the same project manager. And because Michael & Son is a full-service home service company, you won't have to hire any outside contractors. Plumbing, HVAC, electrical, we do it all!


How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in Alexandria, VA?

The cost of a home addition in Alexandria can vary due to a variety of factors. For your custom quote, give us a call at 703-914-3500.

Factors that impact the cost of a home addition:

  • The scope of the expansion. Some additions increase the square footage of a home by a substantial amount. For other projects, the expansion is more modest. We consider square footage to be a good indicator of how much labor and materials will be required to complete the job. Very often, as square footage increases, so does the cost of the job itself.

  • Brands and materials. Material choices are some of the most important decisions you'll make during the home addition. Your choice of flooring, cabinetry, and other aesthetics all impact the bottom-line cost. The good news is you can swing by our studio and learn more about which materials and brands you like and what they'll cost to install. 

  • Expanding central heat and air. With the addition of new rooms comes the need to heat and cool them. Adding ventilation to a home addition is an important factor in overall cost. But unlike other contractors out there, Michael & Son can handle any ventilation and ductwork in-house, saving you from hunting down other contractors to complete the job. 

Considering a home addition? Start with a free estimate from Michael & Son! 

Home additions can be challenging to price without learning more about a homeowner's plans and material choices. That's why Michael & Son offers free estimates on all home additions in the Alexandria area. Even if we have to come out more than once, your estimate is always free.


How do home addition contractors determine the scope of work for a project?

Home Interior


Initial Consultation and Site Visit

An initial consultation and site inspection are the first steps in every home expansion project. The contractor will meet with you at this step to discuss your goals, needs, and preferences. They'll ask you about your goals for the addition, how you intend to use the space, and any special features you'd like to include.

They will next inspect your property to determine its current state, comprehend its layout, and identify any prospective issues. They will assess aspects such as the structural soundness of your home, the terrain of the site, and local building codes.


Defining the Scope of Work

Once the plan and design are complete, the contractor can determine the precise scope of work. This is a detailed document that specifies every task that must be completed in order to complete the project. It contains information such as:

The home addition's size, layout, and characteristics
Materials that will be used Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work that must be completed Permits and inspections are required.

Project Planning and Design

Following the initial consultation and site visit, the contractor will begin work on the project plan. Creating precise plans and layouts of the proposed extension is required. They will take into account your specifications, your home's architectural style, and the practical aspects of building.

During this phase, the contractor will frequently interact with architects and designers to ensure that the design meets your vision and is structurally solid. In addition, they will provide a full explanation of the project's phases, timing, and expected expenditures.


Estimating Costs

After defining the scope of work, the contractor will estimate the entire project expenses. This covers material costs, labor charges, permit fees, and any other expenses that may be incurred during the course of the project. They will also consider any contingencies for unanticipated problems that may develop during construction.

To summarize, the scope of work for a home addition project is decided by a careful process of consultation, planning, design, and cost assessment. 



Michael & Son's 4-step Home Addition Process

1. Schedule your free quote.


Customers who call Michael & Son are in different stages of designing and preparing their home addition. They also have unique budgets and special requirements in mind for their projects. Our Project Managers never make assumptions about your needs, and continue to guide you through the process at a pace you're comfortable with. When you're ready to schedule a free estimate, simply give us a call or schedule the visit online. There's no rush, and our professionals give you the time and space you need to make decisions that are right for you.

2. Visit our design studio and select your materials

michael and son johnny 10_edited.jpg

You're welcome to come by our design studio in Alexandria and browse our collection of flooring, countertop, and cabinet materials. Our designers are more than happy to guide you through the home addition process and answer any questions you have. Your estimate can be finalized even further at this time, and we can even assist with financing at your request.

3. Plan, prepare, and execute


Very few contractors are as efficient as Michael & Son. In fact, Michael & Son can cut weeks of wait time off most home additions, sometimes months! One of the reasons we're able to do this is because we have in-house service departments that can handle everything from HVAC and plumbing to electrical. That means fewer (if any!) outside contractors and fewer surprises. To ensure all of your questions are answered in a timely manner during the process, we keep one Project Manager assigned to your case. That project manager is with you from the beginning of the job to the very end.

4. We make sure you had a great experience


Michael & Son is one of the highest-rated home service contractors in Alexandria. Thousands of homeowners rate us a 5-star remodeler and contractor every year. So when it comes time to close out your project, just know that we have no intention of leaving you out in the cold. Not only will you receive a 2-year labor warranty that protects everything in the new home addition, you'll also receive a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for the work we've completed for you. If you have any questions or concerns after the project is completed, please give us a call and we'll get you the help you need.


Why Choose Michael & Son as Your Home Additions Contractors?

Choosing the right contractor for your home addition project is paramount for ensuring the successful completion of your renovation. Michael & Son has been serving clients with dedication, excellence, and professionalism. Here are several reasons why you should consider Michael & Son as your home additions contractors:

Experienced Professionals

Customized Solutions

High-Quality Workmanship

Comprehensive Services

Transparent Communication

Licensing and Insurance

Home Additions FAQs

  • What is your company's policy on cancellations or rescheduling?

We recognize that unexpected events sometimes occur at Michael & Son. If you need to cancel or postpone your appointment, please tell us as soon as possible. While we do not charge a price for cancellations or rescheduling made at least 48 hours in advance, cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance may be subject to a fee to recoup costs already paid. We value flexibility and will work with you to reschedule as soon as possible.

  • What experience do home addition contractors have?

Michael & Son's team includes individuals with vast experience in the home addition market. Our contractors have worked on a variety of projects, ranging from small room extensions to multi-story expansions. They have developed their talents over years of hands-on experience and constant training to create great solutions that meet and surpass customer expectations.

  • What do home addition contractors specialize in?

Michael & Son's home addition contractors specialize in a variety of house expansions. Bedroom additions, bathroom expansions, kitchen extensions, adding a second storey to existing homes, and establishing specialty spaces such as home offices, sunrooms, or garages are all examples of this. We are skilled at designing and carrying out both modest and large-scale house expansion projects. We effortlessly integrate the new addition with the existing structure to ensure that it compliments and improves the overall look and usefulness of your home.


What customers are saying about Michael & Son

"Randall and CJ did a great job on all of the work we needed done. They made sure we were satisfied with the way all of our fans, lights, switches, etc. were positioned and ensured they were working properly. They were very pleasant to have in our home and we would definitely request their services again!"

"Would definitely request their services again!"

– Kevin S. | Alexandria Homeowner

Ready to start your home addition project?

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